Legends Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a rescue based in New Brighton, Minnesota founded in 2017. Most of our dogs are rescued from Puppy Mills or surrendered. We help them decompress, realize humans are good, trustworthy and they deserve love. It’s so rewarding watching these dogs come out of their shell and develop personalities.
All of us have been working extra hard with extra dogs! We started Legends Rescue in honor of Henry Gardas and we are finding it very rewarding helping the dogs start new lives. Many of the dogs were afraid of people because of their previous lives, they have gone from turning away from eye contact, to coming when we call them. They enjoy being held, they no longer worry what is going to happen to them, they have learned to trust people and are ready for their next adventure. If you are looking to foster or adopt a dog – or two – we have puppies to seniors – shedding and non-shedding. Because of their previous lives these are not typically not high maintenance dogs with anxiety. Most of them have never played with anything other than a leaf, or they had no idea how to play and enjoy life.
Personally, I have found it so rewarding not only watching my family help the dogs and fall in love with them, our co-workers have been melting over them too. I enjoy hearing the updates and advances they have seen, and the suggestions on what they think the dog needs for the next step – some days, along with being proud of the dogs, we are all just so proud of each other, and have learned so much!
So, if you have room in your home for some sweetness, or know someone who needs a new friend or two – please contact me, or go to Legends Rescue on Facebook, we have a few video’s and hope to add another this afternoon. We also have a website http://www.legendsrescue.org/ where you’ll find adoption/foster applications.
Thank you for reading this and please help us spread the word, they all deserve great homes,
-Legends Rescue founder, Vicki.